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Teeth Extraction & Wisdom Teeth Removal

Teeth extractions are typically a last resort procedure due to the potential further complications that may occur. However, if teeth extractions are required we will certainly offer you a few options to replace the missing tooth.

There are typically only a few scenarios where teeth extractions may be required:

  • If you are requiring orthodontic treatment where the results may be impacted if extractions don’t occur
  • If your teeth are crooked and impacting the ability to maintain oral hygiene
  • If the tooth is beyond repair and the surrounding gum or bone is unable to support it

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth typically develop in our late teens or early twenties. Usually at this point there is no space available in the mouth to accommodate the extra teeth. If there is no available space in your mouth, we will suggest wisdom teeth extractions to prevent complications with your existing healthy teeth.

Not all patients require extractions, your dentist will make an assessment based on your circumstances and advise you of the best option going forward.